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Lauren: Author, lawyer, mother



“I try to feel my own edges in thelow light. I send my mind to theouter edges of me — where do I end?I send myself to my innermost edges,and I see that in both directions I am infinite.” ― Jessica Bates, Birth & What Came After: poems on motherhood Beautiful, beautiful L and her precious little family right […]

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Garrett & Shayli Hill of Georgetown give a look into their luxury portrait experience To say that creating luxury family portraits for Shayli and Garrett was “fun” would be an understatement! These two have quickly become one of Georgetown’s beloved couples. Describing them as impossibly cool, and ridiculously attractive only scratches the surface! They are […]

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Did you know that newborn portraits are “supposed” to happen before baby is 7-10 days old? Of course, that’s a challenge because those first 7 days just seem like 2 reeeaally long days, and before you blink they’re over and it’s hard to prioritize anything when you are as exhausted as a mother. This little […]

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When it comes to personal services, it pays to be picky. For me, it has to be the right balance of personal, professional, and also 100% excellence. If each of those boxes isn’t checked, it’s a no-go.

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At the onset of COVID-19, when we saw what was going to happen and just had a few days to prepare, K contacted me about doing a portrait with her husband. He was in a care facility because of health issues, and they were no longer going to be allowing her to visit him.

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After two months of being closed for business while flattening the curve, we are now so ready to serve our community again! Because COVID-19 is still a reality and a threat, our studio is taking the following precautionary measures for your safety and the safety of our community. Outdoors vs. IndoorsPreviously outdoor locations instead of […]

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Lauren is the patient, wise, gentle mom we all aspire to be when we have our first little.

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  Class and elegance are something that come from inside, and Barbara is rich in both! We created stunning and romantic portraits of an incredible woman. My passion is to show mothers of all ages – young mothers, 30-something mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers – how radiant and sexy they truly are. Barbara is an Exeter […]

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  2 Things Covid will NOT affect: #1 Booked Portrait sessions and scheduled ordering sessions#2 We are not closing down the studio and we are here for you. 4 things Corona Virus WILL affect: #1 Minimal touching in studio #2 no refreshments BYOB#3 complimentary travel/makeup#4 The photography photo festival This will not affect current scheduled […]

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  The studio’s last portrait of 2019 was an on location, multi generation family portrait in the Berry Creek neighborhood of Georgetown. All the family was home from out of town and out of state for the holidays, so it was the perfect time to create a long lasting portrait of everyone! We created a […]

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