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How to Live Your Best 40th Birthday Life in Austin

Filed in: Beauty

Anyone else out there already planning out your best 40th birthday in Austin?

I’ve still got several years before I embark on my 4th decade, but I gotta be honest – I’ve already started thinking about how I want it to go down!

Some people go into their 40s with a huge party! Or some might have a surprise party thrown for them. Some might choose for a quiet evening out with their nearest and dearest. Some might go on a trip or vacation.

And some choose to memorialize this time in their life in portraits!

(Yes, that will be me….Heck, maybe I’ll do it all!)

I think Dani, of Austin, TX, celebrated her 40th birthday in one of the best ways with this portrait session! She was especially fun to work with because she’s already a natural fashionista with a sense of style and grace. And man, did she BRING IT to our session!

I have to mention the outfits, because the were each so special and unique!

The Outfits

The Red Gown

Dani showed me a photo of a woman in a red dress in front of a window that she loved. So, I found some red chiffon fabric and an inexpensive red bustier online. We tucked the chiffon around her waist with some elastic and hid it under the bustier. In a few moments we made an elegant outfit that looked like a million bucks and cost about $50!

The Black Gown

This gown inspired by and is a replica of a Chanel gown (similar here), and was handmade by Dani’s mother. Man. Enough said.

The Nude Chiffon Gown

Aaah, I call this set of images her David Yurman portraits! The gown is a chiffon skirt that Dani had, and then I gave her some ideas for a nude bustier. Well, first she ended up finding a bustier body con slip dress that she wore underneath it… and then that dress got it’s own spotlight moment! We slipped the straps off her shoulders and threw on some gold earrings for a hot, monochromatic look.

And that black leather skirt and turtleneck? Well, Dani actually prefers to be covered up so we used this outfit to highlight her legs and bring a fashion pose to her portrait.

What about living your best 40th birthday life in Austin?

What do you think? Which look is your favorite? Which is would you pick to celebrate your 40th trip around the sun?

Do you have a milestone birthday like your 40th coming up, or ready to just celebrate your best self now? Then email me to share your ideas!

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