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You've been ANNOYED by trendy family photos, FRUSTRATED at unprofessional photographers, ANXIOUS at the thought of having to poke holes for art in your walls.

Let's change all of these feelings. 

You treasure your family and actively create an intentional, loving home that is both beautiful and nurturing. You know family portraits foster love in children, but unfortunately, the outdated blandness of trendy family photography doesn't fit your style, and can't be hung in your home.

women like you.

 Portraiture for curated, elegant, & intentional

You have invested too much in your home to FILL IT WITH fake art.

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At Anna Kraft we know your home is a curated, elegant, &  intentional place for love to gather. Your art should be a reflection of that love.

Unfortunately, fake art & photographers who only provide a fixed set of barely edited digital files are standing in the way of your goals.

This is why we create a la carte luxury framed portraiture,  so you get what you love and leave what you don't. 

Together, we will design your session, create your order of your favorite portraits, then install those portraits in your home as the finishing touch and focal point you'll love.

So, let's talk about your goals. Make an appointment to chat now so your home can stop blending into the basic and stand out the way you were meant to.

(Styled and designed for your home )
(A whole hour of being pampered in peace)
(Get what you love, leave what you don't)
(Happy dad + happy mama + happy kids!)

Jaw-dropping, wow-factor portraits
Professional hair & make up services
Quality over Quantity
Stress-free framing & Install

Your home is an intentional, sacred space, and at its heart should be a focal point that matches - not clashes - with your custom leather couch. It feels frustrating when photographers deliver too many photos you don't like, and not enough you love. It's annoying to not be able to show off your gorgeous family in the beautiful home you've spent so much time perfecting. 
Here's what you can expect from your experience:

 start-to-finish  luxury


At Anna Kraft, YOUR family PORTRAITS ARE

Portraits that live in your home, not on your hard-drive.

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make appointment

We'll talk about your story, your goals, and make sure this is the right fit for your family. If so, we'll book you in and begin designing your portrait. 

Step one:

step two

design, create, order

Through a custom styling board we will design your family portrait together, create it in studio, and not only assist you in picking out your favorites to order and frame, we also provide complimentary installation in your home.

Step two:

Step three

show off

Be proud of your intention and elegance! The world needs more of both, and your family portrait is a bold and important representation of your standards and taste.

Your family portrait will continue to delight, inspire, and bring together the treasured people in your life, whether it's just you sitting in the sun dappled living room, warm cup of coffee in your hand, or hosting elegant and curated dinner parties for your friends, and watching them envy your elegant, curated, & intentional family portrait.

Step three:

step one

studio plan

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A comprehensive, 60-second idea of what your session will look like.

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This is an unprecedented time for everyone - including parents. Self Isolation means more boogers and snot and dirt and tears and snacks and kisses and snuggles and somehow, you incredible woman, you're holding it all together.

you're raising the next generation in a quarantine, and we see you. Thank you.