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Lauren: Author, lawyer, mother



If you’ve never invested in your family in this way (now or any other time of year), here are a few reasons you should  consider it. (Bonus: My family portrait!) 


One of my favorite things to do is to look back through the (now decades!) of family photos my family has collected over the years. Everyone changes so much over the course of their life, especially in childhood and watching the transformation in a matter of moments looking back on the past is something to […]


Family portraits are a favorite of mine. Every family carries their own unique culture and history, their very own DNA that makes them unique and different. Some families are quiet with an undercurrent of wickedly dry humor, some families are loud and boisterous and laughing, and some are a blend of the two, with each […]


There’s something about babies. You know? Something incandescent, fleeting, priceless about their little beings. The tiny, stretching hands, the round little bellies, the full trust. The littleness, yet the magnitude. I’m not a mom yet, but someday I’ll get to understand what this it’s like to create magic.One of my favorite newborn sessions was back […]


“I’ve been watching you, Dad,¬†Ain’t that cool?I’m your buckaroo, I want to be like you And eat all my food, and grow as tall as you are” We like fixing things, and holding mama’s hand… Yeah, we’re just alike, hey aint we, Dad? I want to do everything you do…. So I’ve been watching you.” […]


I’m a pretty picky senior photographer – I’m more comfortable in the creative chaos of a wedding, with stunning locations, or teaming up with a friend for a wild, unusual creative shoot. This girl, though, she’s something else. Not many people hold themselves with the confidence and grace that she has at such a young […]


anna kraft – baby photographer? nope. too weird. too not me. but then my cute friends got married and my cute friend got pregnant and she had a cute baby. ‘leo’ for short, because his name is too long and exotic for me to pronounce here. and i thought, ‘why not?’ i’d get some cute […]


One of my favorite holiday traditions was and is the traditional,¬†annual family photo. No matter how classy or cheesy, there’s a warm, fuzzy place in my heart for these. We have more than two decades of photos of my family at Christmas time. My first memories occur around 5 years old, when Dad would set […]


Had a blast with this fun family. I just love it when my clients can not only make me laugh, but keep me laughing through the entire session! The Mr. & Mrs. flew from D.C. with their daughter, and the other little mustard-&-blazer-+-stripes couple arranged the whole thing. Somehow we managed to pull it off […]

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