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3 Reasons to Invest in Family Portraiture (Bonus: my family portrait!)

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This time of year many people are booking their trusted photographer for family photos at the park or in the studio. Many participate in this annual tradition, each with their own reason: some send out a picture with Christmas cards, some update their Facebook cover photo and create an album, and finally, others invest in portraiture for their home or office. 

If you’ve never invested in your family in this way (now or any other time of year), here are a few reasons you should  consider it. 

1. Wall portraits of your family for your home or office are an elegant, timeless way to show your heritage, your legacy, and your love.  There are 3 generations in my family photo above. This photo is proudly framed by the grandparents and the parents of the baby. What a heritage for that little one, and think of how proud the grandparents must be of this portrait that shows off their legacy of love.

2. Family portraits on the wall (or albums on the coffee table) foster and reinforce family comradery and love. I will never forget the first time I gifted my family with an 8×10″, 40-page album of their Christmas photos. My mother opened it, and the whole family gasped and gathered around. For 15 minutes I watched as they loved each other and themselves in the individual and group portraits I had taken. The album now sits on the piano underneath the family portrait, both proudly displayed. They bring it out to show to guests, or sit down during family time to look through it once again.

3. Professional prints are heirlooms to treasure. You may have thousands of “candid” photos of your children or loved one sitting scattered on hardrives or in the “cloud”, but the future of our digital age is uncertain. I have experienced hardrive failiure in the past and have paid thousands to recover files. Electronics fail, and digital files are electronic. A portrait of your grandfather or grandparent’s wedding day are likely some of the most treasured positions in your family or in your home. Give your loved ones an heirloom to pass down proudly, and exist in portraits now, for them and for the future.

Without further ado, my family photos….

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  1. Teresa says:

    Beautiful work, beautiful family!

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The W family had their reveal last night and so now I can finally show these off - and one of these is a gorgeous 36×36” portrait above their fireplace!

modern family portrait

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