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Lauren: Author, lawyer, mother



This post on how to prepare for a C Section might seem a little different than my others. I’m writing this for 3 reasons: My desire is to elevate motherhood and family. When a mother is supported and cared for, the family flourishes as well. Every woman’s body is so different – my first birth […]


In this brief video I share my #1 tip for styling children !Now, if you’re going for a very fashion/avant garde look, or a themed portrait, this may not apply – but when you’re trying to style your children for a “Forever” portrait for the wall, and you want to go classic, start here!


So, my first thought as I was thinking about writing this post was, “I have to find alll of those old photos from my photography classes when I was 15!” Unfortunately, that was 2004 or something, and the internet was not what it is today… so alas, all I have to share are some photos […]


  2 Things Covid will NOT affect: #1 Booked Portrait sessions and scheduled ordering sessions#2 We are not closing down the studio and we are here for you. 4 things Corona Virus WILL affect: #1 Minimal touching in studio #2 no refreshments BYOB#3 complimentary travel/makeup#4 The photography photo festival This will not affect current scheduled […]


  The studio’s last portrait of 2019 was an on location, multi generation family portrait in the Berry Creek neighborhood of Georgetown. All the family was home from out of town and out of state for the holidays, so it was the perfect time to create a long lasting portrait of everyone! We created a […]


Austin Nutritionist Varian Hans

I sent a weary, frustrated, sleepy email late in the night on September 30th to Varian. I was frustrated that I was working out so hard and wasn’t losing weight. Could she PLEASE help me figure this out! The next morning I took a pregnancy test… Aha! So that’s what was going on. I let […]


  This incredible, talented young woman is an accomplished harpist, pianist, and is directing Anne of Green Gables at Southwestern University. Possibly my favorite thing about what I do is getting to meet so many fantastic human beings. We were inspired by Rosie Hardy with a little bit of fantasy in these portraits, but also […]


How can you NOT be obsessed these clean, minimal maternity portraits we took of D? I mean how powerful and gorgeous is this stunning woman? She just OWNS her femininity and motherhood… and her little Christmas baby girl born just a few weeks ago!


  If you’ve been to the studio…. well, ever, then you might have met Megan Lopez. She has been working with me the longest of all the makeup artists I call on for my clientele, and she’s seen my studio grow from working out of my apartment to having my own place on the square. […]


  Johanna is an accomplished harpist, an engineering student and a proud Aggie! Looking to the summer and her upcoming graduation a few more semesters, we created a series of gorgeous, professional branding images to begin her career with a bang. (Wisely, Johanna knows that one obviously does not go to engineering school to end […]

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