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Lauren: Author, lawyer, mother



Meeting Emily was certainly a highlight of this summer. In town to visit her grandparents, this small-town Kansas beauty absolutely lit up in front of my camera. As always, from her hair and makeup makeover to the final portrait reveal, we carefully planned her wardrobe, directed her posing, and sustained her with lattes to give her a true portrait experience. 


To those who have lost fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, spouses or loved ones, or have sacrificed their own lives for their country… We honor you and we thank you. View fullsize


Three words: Glamour. Senior. Portraits.  Nothing commemorates the biggest milestone in a senior’s life up to this point like an all-out-luxury photoshoot. It’s just not enough until you’ve had your makeup done, gotten your hair all zhooshed up, and had your very own glamour video made to post on facebook. Because your senior photos should be […]


The reality is that we live in a world where image is king – your image gets you that swipe on Tinder, the free drink at the bar, and even the interview or job.  Who we are on our social networks and the image we display at our offices or places of business are no longer optional elements of success in social or business environments.


 Finally, I have a working space out of my home that I can use for studio work! Naturally, I wanted to test out the space, so I grabbed this little creampuff heartthrob for a few shots


One of my favorite things to do is to look back through the (now decades!) of family photos my family has collected over the years. Everyone changes so much over the course of their life, especially in childhood and watching the transformation in a matter of moments looking back on the past is something to […]


Wait,” I said. “You booked a flight for which weekend?” Post elopement/honeymoon, sometimes things get lost in translation, and my trinity of friends all booked their flights for the April weekend before my¬†wedding reception, following my hazy affirmation of plans. However, in their true Romantic fashion, they turned tragedy into triumph and we enjoyed a […]


On Saturday I had the immense pleasure of photographing the San Marcos Artist’s Retention & Training Orchestra Benefit and Gala. Red carpet and everything. I photographed probably 150 people (some of them multiple times!) before the gala, during intermission, and after the performance – so in maybe an hour and a half? I learned so […]


There’s something about babies. You know? Something incandescent, fleeting, priceless about their little beings. The tiny, stretching hands, the round little bellies, the full trust. The littleness, yet the magnitude. I’m not a mom yet, but someday I’ll get to understand what this it’s like to create magic.One of my favorite newborn sessions was back […]

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