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Lauren: Author, lawyer, mother



“As I sat there listening to these mothers, I felt really out of place. One of the women had been coming to the group for about a year, and she just kept talking about how horrible her life was, and going on and on. Some women didn’t want to open up, and others really opened up. But to me, it felt like the women there saw themselves as victims and were [myopic and] unable to see a bigger picture. I didn’t feel that there was any instruction or encouragement [on how to get better], and I ended up feeling even worse when I left. I knew I never wanted to do that again. It shook me awake. I [realized that I] saw myself as a strong person, not as a victim,  and I needed to redirect my negative energy into something else. That was the permission I needed to start working again on my business, and to really pour myself into that.”

I didn’t want to be someone who was still struggling a year later, and I decided that wasn’t going to happen. 


Wait,” I said. “You booked a flight for which weekend?” Post elopement/honeymoon, sometimes things get lost in translation, and my trinity of friends all booked their flights for the April weekend before my wedding reception, following my hazy affirmation of plans. However, in their true Romantic fashion, they turned tragedy into triumph and we enjoyed a […]


I’m a pretty picky senior photographer – I’m more comfortable in the creative chaos of a wedding, with stunning locations, or teaming up with a friend for a wild, unusual creative shoot. This girl, though, she’s something else. Not many people hold themselves with the confidence and grace that she has at such a young […]


Is that Chambre I sale still on? Yes, yes it is. If you missed the first post, click here. 15 more days, friends! (Oh, and V-Day is tomorrow. Just a heads up.)

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