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I invite you to the most beautiful year of your life

30 Women Over 30 

find your beauty

30 Women over 30

I invite you to the most beautiful year of your life.
30 Women, 30 portraits. 30 friends. Find and celebrate your beauty.

Find your beauty

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We get it though, the struggles are real...

We are inviting 30 women to celebrate their beauty.

Women who are mothers. Step-mothers. Grand-mothers. Plant-mothers. Fur-mothers. Mothers-to-be. Single Mothers. Mothers of their companies. Mothers to their friends. Women hoping-to-be-mothers.

Beauty is not found in a number on a tag. Beauty is not found under the bright lights in a plastic surgeon's chair.

Beauty is in nurturing. Healing. Protecting. Fighting for love. 

Your beauty deserves to be seen. Celebrated. Known. 

Would you trade your earned stories, your earned wisdom for the naivity of your past youth? Never. Beauty is not an age, or flawless skin. Let yourself glow, remind yourself what you're made of - you are a woman. You are beautiful. 

a year of beauty

we invite you to make 2021

it's hard to feel beautiful

Between wrangling little ones, your job, and your relationship, sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and no one sees or cares. 


The struggle of infertility, or not finding the mate you thought you would by now - it feels hollow, drifting, like somehow you're not important. (Pro tip: that's a lie!)


Flipping through Vanity Fair and thinking, "Well, duh, I could look like that too if I had the styling team, photographer, and editor that she has." (Actually, TRUE.)



Was that wrinkle there yesterday? The topography of your face is different than it was 10, 20 years ago. But you've learned, this is true beauty, and those who love you celebrate every line, every part of what makes you, you.


Being bombarded every day with lying messages that you are still too young, or too old; too skinny, or not skinny enough; too few opinions, or too many; too sexy, or not sexy enough; too many children, or not enough... Woman, hear this: you are ENOUGH. 


 “You have to find what’s good and true and beautiful in your life as it is now."

"Looking back makes you competitive. And, age is not a competitive issue.
The truth is, part of me is every age. I am every age, up to my own.”

— Mitch Albom

I've felt the darkness of self hatred as a teenager. I've felt the post partum depression, the body anxiety as a mother. The curiosity and horror at blossoming wrinkles. The shame & self doubt of not being enough, ever, to anyone

And you know what I've learned? Love is greater than fear. Always has been, always will be. Learning to love these moments, every moment we're given, the person you've been, the person you're becoming.

Love is beauty.

To love... is to be beautiful.

Friend, feel this deeply: you are beautiful. 

You deserve an experience that proves beauty to yourself. 

"I've been there, too.

A note from Anna:

Portraits of beauty that fill your heart with love


To finally see portraits of you, the way you truly are


An exclusive dinner experience with 30 other women — just like you


Sharing your portraits with your children... and grandchildren


Feel — and look — like a celebrity for the morning — you deserve to feel beautiful.



the afterglow moments

Imgaine for a moment

for you, we're pulling out 

all the stops

You get the full, custom session! Styling consultation, vision board, 3.5 hour shoot, totally guided posing, professional hair & makeup, the ordering/reveal appointment... the works

COVID BONUS: We are also traveling on location to you during this time! We'll set up our studio in your home or at your favorite location in the greater Austin area! (Rentals not included.)



Just like our creative fee, you get a goodie with your session! From 25 other portraits, you'll choose your absolute, must-have, can't-live-without favorite! This first portrait (a 5x7 matted portrait) is included with your creative fee! This can be whichever portrait you want it to be, no order minimum, no additional purchase necessary!  

The portrait


Picture yourself: dressed to the nines, walking into the warm restaurant, a table for 31 spread out in front of you. There are candles on the table, charcuterie boards, pine garlands, bottles of the best wine, and the best part - 30 other women with stories and dreams to share it with. 

You look around, and revealed on the walls are the portraits of each of these women at their best, their strongest, their most vulnerable, their most beautiful. 
And you're one of them.



We exist to create beauty, love, and connection. We want to see the women around us flourish and grown in love and community.

We believe women are breathtaking, we are powerful, and we are stronger together - so yes, we want you here.



HOW to start

We will reach out in the order received to select and book a day in 2021, schedule your styling consult, and send your vision board.

reserve your spot

we'll book your day

Select "Reserve" below! Only 30 spots available. You will not need to select a date yet - we will reach out to you the next business day, excluding holiday weekends (Mon-Thurs).

Sit back, relax, and let us, for once, take charge for you and create beautiful portraits that make your heart sing.



30 over 30

Style CONSULT for your goals + vision board

Professional hair & makeup day of session

Unlimited outfits for 3.5 hour session

Travel TO YOU in the greater Austin area!

1 5x7 matted portrait (final size 8x10),

ordering/ screening appointment

1 payment of $527

value of $1495

Gorgeous magazine-style editing

exclusive dinner & reveal experience with 30 women *social distanced


You, with the people who make you feel beautiful.

1 payment of $827

value of $2990

all of the above, x2 for you and your bestie!

Best Value

As of 01/18/2021, our 30 Women Over 30 campaign is at 50% capacity.
Please book soon to reserve your place.
We will begin pre-booking our 40 Women Over 40 campaign in Fall/2021.

You're in the right place.

I hear your what-ifs and your "I cant's". I hear your hesitation and your self-denial. I hear your doubt, I hear your worry. 

But if not now... when? 

When do we break the cycle of shame? How and when will you rise to your full height and embrace everything beautiful about you and who you are? Who you were made to be? 

i hear you.

"Anna captured my true essence.
These portraits are curated with such impeccable style, and deep joy."



Let us know what's holding you up, and we'll happily answer any questions or clear up any confusion!

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