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Sonya Jensen – Georgetown Therapist – Personal Branding

Filed in: Personal Brand

A podcast producer… an author… a therapist… a wife… mother… bubble bath connoisseur… is there anything the Georgetown therapist Sonya Jensen doesn’t do?

Sonya, relationship expert, maintains a full schedule with her clients – in addition to all the above!

While her work requires a high degree of professionalism, Sonya is possibly the most fun, down-to-earth, and (dare I say) cheeky lady I have worked with! 🙂 (If you can’t tell, we spent the whole brand session goofing off, cracking jokes, and listening to pop music blaring over her new home’s speaker system.)

Georgetown relationship therapist and expert

Sonya cares deeply for her clientele – and her work. She not only is passionate about coaching couples with her sessions, podcasts, and book, but also maintaining her own knowledge and education.

Sonya called me back in July to create personal branding images for her. Here are just a few of the needs we covered…

Images for:

  • Website
    • Banner pages
    • About pages
    • Filler images
  • Instagram
  • Newsletter
  • Podcast covers
  • Youtube videos
  • Blog images
  • Updated facebook profile photos & banners
  • Content for advertising
  • Her assistant, Ophelia, who’d never had a headshot!

Many brands feel stuck and compelled to turn to large stock sites or even stealing photos off the internet because they don’t have the imagery they need to communicate their message.

At worst, this can lead to lawsuits.

At best, a disjointed, inconsistent website that doesn’t truly communicate your purpose.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know the importance of having a consistent brand voice and cohesive style.

That’s exactly what we create for you with your personal brand shoot.

If you can’t find the “right” photo when you go to make a Linked-In, facebook, or blog post, or can’t quite get your new website to come together, or feel like your newsletters are boring, it’s time to schedule your personal branding session. You can do that right here!

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