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Julie Goodman, Potent Serum CEO

Meet Julie Goodman, Potent Serum CEO, Founder, mother to 3, and general badass.

I loved brainstorming with Julie and learning about her brand. Her style is impeccable and unmatched. Her attitude encompasses poise and sophistication.

Julie’s branding and headshot images needed to reflect the natural aesthetic and palette of her skincare company, Potent Serum. She also needed images that would POP in any magazine feature, whether for print or online.

Not to brag, but…. we absolutely nailed her goals.

OH! And speaking of feature… over the weekend Julie was featured on! Check out the article on her and Potent Serum by Stephanie Burns, here!

One favorite quote of hers was actually on personal branding, here:

Be the face of your brand. I was initially hesitant about this and wanted to remain behind the scenes. I quickly discovered that people need a face to trust. They need to know that you’re a real person.

Julie Goodman, Potent Serum CEO for by Stephanie Burns

So now, take a moment to get to know Julie Goodman, Potent Serum CEO!

If you are a thought leader, an expert in your industry, or an entrepreneur, personal branding could be the next step in your career journey! Contact the studio here to find out a few ways we can create personal brand images, for you, too!

Julie Goodman, sitting and smiling, looking up at light
Julie Goodman, smiling with arms folded while holding glasses, looking down
Julie Goodman, sitting in modern chair with elbow up, olive green dress and pearl earrings with red lip.
Julie Goodman with Potent Serum AM & PM regimen

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  2. Bluerose says:

    So this is what she gave up a marriage for? True colors finally showing. Shioo..And she conveniently changed her name. A proud woman…! Never marry such.

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