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Vogue Maternity Photoshoot

Shelby straight up broke her corner of the internet when she posted some sneak peaks of her Vogue maternity photoshoot on Facebook!

I first met Shelby over 5 years ago and I immediately loved her. She was open, fun, glam, and super, super smart. Since then, I’ve watched as Shelby has bravely faced the uncertainty of infertility with her husband. I’ve prayed for them as they’ve prepared for tests and doctor visits. I’ve listened to the black tunnel of frustration when the doctor says, “hmm, everything seems fine”.

And now, it is my great joy to celebrate the expectation of their son.

I asked Shelby if she would share some of her story and behind the scenes thoughts with you!

Shelby, will you share your motherhood story?

I remember walking down the aisle toward my soulmate, so excited for our future – which I knew would one day include children.

We decided to begin trying to conceive after a year of marriage. 6 months in, my OBGYN said we needed to try naturally to conceive for at least a year before seeing a fertility specialist.

So, one year later we made our first appointment at a local specialist.

An exam and some tests were run for both of us – all with the same result: they couldn’t find anything “abnormal.” The doctor prescribed some pills and told us basically that if these didn’t work then we can start looking at IVF.

Fast forward to summer 2020 with no baby and no answers as to why, we decided to look for a second opinion.

After being referred to a NaPro fertility specialist by a couple of friends, we finally started getting some answers. 6 months later we found out we were expecting our first child, due Sept 5, 2021.

“Those photos were so important though because they reminded me that the family we had at that time moment was exactly what God had intended – and it was still beautiful.”

In December 2019 I came to Anna to take some family photos for our Christmas card. At that time our family included myself, Chris, and our dog Jack-Jack.

When Anna took those photos I was in a season of grief. I was longing for a child I didn’t know if I would ever be blessed to have.

Those photos were so important though because they reminded me that the family we had at that time moment was exactly what God had intended – and it was still beautiful.

Now, in July 2021, I find myself being photographed by Anna again – this time in a season of celebration for the joy of pregnancy and a long awaited answer to prayer. 

1 in 8 couples will struggle to become pregnant. If you are one of them, know you are seen, loved, and prayed for. I encourage you to be open with your journey, you don’t need to go through infertility in silence.

Also, be kind to yourself. You have more strength in you than you know.

What made you want to have your maternity photoshoot with Anna?

I have been a big fan of Anna for years – especially her motherhood and vogue maternity photoshoots. When I found out my husband and I were expecting our first child, I knew that I wanted Anna to capture this special time in our life.

To me, her brand is classic, stunning, luxurious, and inspiring. The amount of care and work she puts into each portrait is so special.

What was your vogue maternity photoshoot like?

Such an amazing experience. From the moment I got to the shoot I was treated like a queen.

Once shooting began, Anna made sure that any nerves I had about the shoot vanished. She was constantly encouraging me, and also making sure I felt comfortable. (Especially since I was nearly 8 months pregnant!)

Everything – from the hair & makeup to the wardrobe styling – was impeccable.

Looking at these pictures I am reminded I am strong, confident, and beautiful.

I’m so appreciative of who I am, and how incredible my body is bringing new life to the world.

What would you say to another woman who was on the fence about booking a photoshoot at the studio?

Think about how you want your memories of this time captured.

Investing in your maternity portraits is more than just “paying for pictures”, it’s investing in how you will relive your memories of this time.

I wouldn’t change anything about my experience with Anna!

Do you have a story that is just waiting to be shared in portraits?

Let the studio know by reaching out here!

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