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Personal Branding: Doula + Masseuse

Filed in: Personal Brand

When it comes to personal services, it pays to be picky! For me, it has to be the right balance of personal, professional, and also 100% excellence. If each of those boxes isn’t checked, it’s a no-go.

My midwife referred Lacreshia Laningham ( to me when I was several months pregnant with my 2nd.

When I showed up to Lacreshia’s massage salon based out of her home, she made me immediately comfortable with the warmest welcome and smile and put this tired, pregnant woman right at ease.

She showed me around: where the facilities were, where the massage room was. The air was cool, the light was natural and soft, everything was clean and smelled fresh and lovely, and I felt myself relaxing and thinking this was too good to be true!

Before we started she asked me what mood I was in. Did I prefer citrus scents? Spicy? Floral? She then diffused a custom blend of essential oils based on my mood and customized the massage lotion as well. (Hello, #bougie).

She handed me a short survey on how I liked my massage – the part I remember best is whether I preferred a light, medium, or heavy touch. I said heavy, and wow, she delivered.

We’ll just say that usually a 60 minute massage is not enough. It’s 90 minutes or nothing.

Driving home was like driving on Cloud 9.

Lacreshia is still taking a select clientele and books far in advance, so if you need a break after being home with the kids for all of 2020, book yourself a massage. Lacreshia is primarily a doula and a birth supporter, so if you are recently pregnant and looking for additional support and guidance, please read through her website and reach out. You will be so glad you did.

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