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Exeter Woman in Studio

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Class and elegance are something that come from inside, and Barbara is rich in both! We created stunning and romantic portraits of an incredible woman. My passion is to show mothers of all ages – young mothers, 30-something mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers – how radiant and sexy they truly are.

Barbara is an Exeter woman.

What is an Exeter woman?

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We’ve Forgotten How to Dress Like Adults

Mrs. Exeter – A Woman of a Certain Age

Mrs. Exeter

Dressing Mrs. Exeter


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  1. Barbara Bearden says:

    Anna, you made my special day a delightful and comfortable experience. Your support team of makeup and hairstyling are true artists. You are so gifted and your attention to every detail shows in the results. Thank you!

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The W family had their reveal last night and so now I can finally show these off - and one of these is a gorgeous 36×36” portrait above their fireplace!

modern family portrait

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