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Getting Ready for Your Custom Portrait

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You have booked your session. CONGRATULATIONS. You are about to experience a completely custom, unique-to-you makeover and photoshoot to create gorgeous fine art portraits that show you off to the world!

So… now what?

Now….. you prepare. Just a few things to do as you get ready for your big day! 

By the end of reading this, here’s what you’ll know for the day-of your shoot:

Bare face (wash + moisturize)
Clean, dry hair
5 or more fitted outfits to wear in photos
Pretty nails
Clean wedding ring
Clean brows


White out So many people come into the studio and say, “So, I’m self concious about my teeth…” HEB and Walmart sell inexepnsive whitening kits! Pick up one or two!

Hands off Pimples are easy to cover – redness, flakiness, open wounds on your face don’t turn out as well. 

Exfoliate… but not right before your shoot! Go gentle on your skin the night before and the morning of the shoot. Red, patchy skin is hard to cover with makeup.

Book a facial Bring on the pampering! However, since facials tend to cause redness, schedule it for a week before – that usually allows enough time to heal. If you’re more of a DIY person, check out Hello Glow for lots of home facial recipes!

Don’t Forget the Brows If you decide to have your eyebrows, lips, or chin waxed or threaded, be sure to schedule the appointment for about a week before your photoshoot.

Clean, DRY Hair! Shower the night before to let your hair dry, or the morning of and give it a clean blow out. No product! Bring a few photos of how you want your how to look, either from magazines or pinterest.

Dig up the roots For those who dye their hair, make sure to get it touched up about 3 days before the shoot… and do NOT do anything drastic, like get bangs, or a perm, or change colors. Not a good idea.

Trim trim trim Healthy hair is beautiful hair! Hair that has gone more than 6 weeks without a trim will look dull and will be difficult to style.


Mani/Pedi Remember that your hands and sometimes feet will be in some of the pictures, so the day before your photoshoot, get your digits looking good! For nails go for a French or clean, soft neutrals. Toes can be more fun! Red is always classic.

Clean the Bling You can take your wedding ring downstairs to Quenan’s Jewelers or you can find a DIY online with baking soda or toothpaste! But most important… DON’T FORGET IT! 

Smooth Skin Don’t wax more than a few days before your shoot! Shaving can be done the night before or morning of, just make sure to use a new razor so we skip the red bumps, and if we are doing a boudoir shoot or breaking out the lingerie, make sure you take care of the nether regions, too. 

GUYS AREN’T OFF THE HOOK. Guys need great, clean nails and ring, too!


Nude-to-you underclothes
A Slip, a Strapless Bra, and Panties. Make sure these little pieces are as close to YOUR skin-tone as possible! If you are porcelain but choose a medium-toned “nude” bra, it will be very obvious under a white shirt, and vice-versa. 

Outfit Ideas…! 

Texture is wonderful! All kinds! Laces, linens, cottons, velvets, satins… WONDERFUL.
Stick with Solids! Patterns and prints are distracting. We want people to look at you when they see your portrait, and even the most beautiful print will steal that attention. 
Shades of Dark… Bring at least one dark top, dress, or outfit. Black, charcoal, or even navy are great.
Shades of Light… Bring something soft, sheer, angelic, “princessy”… maybe lace or  a few sequins… It doesn’t have to be white! Creams, nudes, “soft” colors are great!
Something YOU! This outfit is your chance to really show your personal style! Masculine? Flirty? Punk? Old-Hollywood? Anime? 
Something Bombshell! Sexy is open to interpretation. Body con? Understated black dress? Lingerie? Pin-up outfits? Bring what sexy means to you, or skip it all together if it’s not your thing.

Lingerie If you’re doing a boudoir shoot, get a few new pieces to show off… and check this out. If we do some implied nudes, this little wonder will… work wonders 🙂 

Decolletage It’s all about collarbones and cleavage! Boat necks, V-necks, scoop-necks are all great… but so are turtlenecks! Try to bring things that are beyond-basic, and mix it up. Read this classic book for advice on flattering necklines based on your shape!

Hug those Curves Bring fitted clothing that shows your shape. Loose, flowy clothing isn’t great in photographs. Even if you’re self consious, showing off your curves works best!



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