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This is Getting Personal (Part 2 of 2)

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All wedding photos by Christian O’Dell Photography and Bryan Bartlett of BCreative Tulsa
Videography and video by Ben Winters, Jonathan Burkhart, and Spenser Sakurai

PREVIOUSLY:  I did what any rational, about-to-be-married bride does: I cried all the way home and called my mother. (Because I’m being so super personal about all this, I’ll say one more thing: My mom is a superhero, an angel from heaven itself.)

She was like, “Anna, it’s ok. We are GOING to get you a dress you LOVE and that’s ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT.”

So there I am, sitting in the car outside my home in tears, on the phone with my mother as she’s texting me pictures of BHLDN dresses. “What do you think of this one?? This one is beautiful! This one is so you!!” 

Long story short,  after seeing photos of it on my tiny phone screen, that night I picked out the Amelie dress by BHLDN’s brand new 2015 Spring line just days after it was released. My mom ordered it the next day, Tuesday, for 2-day shipping.

This next part I didn’t learn until I had tried the dress on.

BHLDN sent their very last size 2 for one-week shipping. They realized their mistake too late to change the shipment. Providentially, my mom logged in on Wednesday to track the package and realized what had happened and called BHLDN. They then sent another dress, the size 4, for overnight shipping. It finally came on Saturday after my parents had come to town. I tried it on with my mom and she told me the whole story. The dress was a tad loose, yes, and sometimes the buttons in the back came undone by themselves, but it was the perfect length and hung just right. My Amelie dress. It was perfect.

Just before all this, Kurt’s co-worker had suggested the romantic, FREE wedding chapel in the hill country called Chapel Dulcinea. Sight-unseen, we booked it. 

Being a photographer, I knew pretty quickly who I wanted my wedding photographers to be. Chris O’Dell is an old friend from the Tulsa area, and is also a minister, so in addition to being photographer and shooting our reception and portraits, he also officiated our ceremony. Bryan Bartlett is another OKC friend and photographer. Chris and Bryan are both stunning photographers in their own right, but together they made a formidable team whose combined efforts BHLDN  later featured to their email subscribers:

My videographers were Ben Winters, Jonathan Burkhart, and Spenser Sakurai – again, all incredible, talented and gifted professional artists in their own right, but together, they made this: 

Kurt & Anna | Married from Ben Winters on Vimeo.

Up until about 3 weeks before the wedding I had planned on a true elopement, just Kurt and the officiant and I. My mom talked me into a reception for us and our immediate families, and so together we picked out Siena Ristorante Toscana. But a few weeks before, Kurt and I decided to include our family in the ceremony, too, and I am forever glad we did. 

All the girls wore white, all the boys wore grey. 

It was the only beautiful, sunny Sunday we had that January. I got ready at a friend’s estate, spent the morning drinking a mimosa, writing my private letter to Kurt and my public letter for the ceremony, and having my hair and makeup done by my sisters.

The ceremony was at 10:30. We arrived around 10 to do last minute getting readiness, seeing my dad and brothers, wiping off sweaty hands. I can’t even describe the excitement. THIS IS THE MOMENT. THIS IS IT. IN A FEW MORE MOMENTS I’LL SEE HIM AND THEN WE’LL BE MARRIED.

My dad walked me down the aisle, which is just the coolest most sentimental thing when you’ve nonchalantly pictured that moment over and over only in your most obscure, distant dreams. It was a long pathway up to the little outdoor chapel. Finally we turned the corner to the short aisle.

I saw Kurt and he was smiling at me. 

The ceremony was a blur. I was nervous and elated and in love and we were both teary. 

All the ceremony things happened, there was the charge, our letters to each other, our traditional Anglican vows, our rings.

Suddenly, we were married. 


The next hours were filled with climbing Enchanted Rock IN MY WEDDING DRESS and taking pictures (FOR HOURS), and after that we made it to the restaurant (a little late, admittedly) for one of the most precious dinners I will ever hold in my heart.

It’s one thing to be married to the love of your life. It’s another to do it and be surrounded by the people who you love the most and by whom you are loved the most. My mom oversaw the decorations, the cake, the menu, the wine. My only regret is that I didn’t have the chance to have another glass or two! 

Between our two huge families, we filled the small Siena back room with so much laughter, so much conversation, and so many tears. I doubt any other wedding has seen so many tears with all three dances. Kurt danced with his Mom to Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up“, and I started bawling. But that was nothing compared to dancing with my Dad. I’ve always had a “thing” with father daughter dances. They make me so inexplicably emotional, and dancing with my dad was the apex of all father-daughter dances for me. We BOTH cried, my Dad and I. We danced to Josh Groban’s “You Are Loved” and lost it somewhere around the end of the chorus. Dancing with my Dad was… wow. I can’t even explain all the emotion there. I don’t ever want to forget it.

And finally, Kurt and I danced to John Legend’s “All of Me“. Again. Tears. So many tears.

Somewhere in there we had a cake cutting, and mad dancing, and our parents all danced and we danced with our siblings and there were entrees and wine and a serenade from Kurt to me (!) and a sweet speech from Kurt’s brother and a prayer from my dad…. and it was all quickly over too soon. The perfect day. The most fun, happiest day of my life. I relive it every time in these precious photographs.

Fast forward a year to Monday, January 25th of this year, and the little boy I became pregnant with almost immediately after our honeymoon is now two and a half months old, and we’re living in Georgetown, and are celebrating this first year together.

Without further ado, ALL OF THE PICTURES.

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  1. Sara says:

    Such a dream. Beautiful Anna… Beautiful.

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