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Melody & J | Tinker Air Force Base

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I met Melody through my friend Ben via a set of strange and unusual circumstances on Thanksgiving day, 2011. She was sweet and kind and had the same laugh as her brother. I helped with their family photos this past Christmas of 2012 and of course saw Melody again, but this time, accompanied by a young man (with whom she looked very pleased).
She sent me an email not long after, explaining her engagement to said-young-man, and a Starbucks coffee date was immediately arranged. She told me how she had set up an account on an online dating site, and her smiling, giggling hesitancy. I loved her dancing brown eyes as she recounted the stories and the firsts and this one guy she met on there. She found the sweetness of relationship with one who shared her love for the Lord, who challenged her, made her more, loved her, and asked her to be married.

The following photos are the result of the wedding she had to her man J, in July at the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City.

IMG_9315IMG_9290 IMG_9265 IMG_9300 IMG_9426IMG_9264 IMG_9438 IMG_9381 IMG_9447 IMG_9468 IMG_9479 IMG_9504 IMG_9552 IMG_3266 IMG_3189 IMG_3226IMG_9499 IMG_9502 IMG_9571 IMG_9565 IMG_9573 IMG_9585 IMG_3294 IMG_9591 IMG_9595 IMG_9600 IMG_9609 IMG_9539 IMG_9540IMG_9663 IMG_9671 IMG_9659 IMG_9652 IMG_9679 IMG_9698 IMG_9705 IMG_8388 IMG_9720 IMG_9725 IMG_8424 IMG_9737 IMG_9764 IMG_9769 IMG_9755 IMG_9767 IMG_9813 IMG_9811 IMG_9834 IMG_9841 IMG_9849 IMG_9857IMG_0127 IMG_0165 IMG_0240 IMG_0253 IMG_0095 IMG_0328 IMG_0330IMG_0561 IMG_0487 IMG_0524IMG_0474 IMG_0459 IMG_0430 IMG_0350 IMG_0421 IMG_0428 IMG_0444-2 IMG_0462-Edit IMG_0495 IMG_0404 IMG_0388 IMG_0381 IMG_0369 IMG_0450

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The W family had their reveal last night and so now I can finally show these off - and one of these is a gorgeous 36×36” portrait above their fireplace!

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