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We Are Fam-uh-lee

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Is it just my family or is everyone this way? About this time of year, you start to realize that 2013 is halfway over and the amount of time left for Christmas (and the end of the year) is a lot shorter than it was 2 months ago.
But hey, it’s still summer, right? Kids aren’t even in school yet, who am I kidding.

Then it’s September. But of course that’s too early to start thinking about presents, geez, doesn’t anybody respect the proper season any more? (Online rants about commercialism, the spirit of the season, et cetra.) 

Beginning of November, you are well aware that the holidays are upon us, and there is no time left for dilly dallying. You are focusedprepared, successfully host a beautiful turkey dinner, and the next day you start looking for a photographer to take family photos.

And you can’t find one. They are full, or on vacation themselves, and won’t hear of a “quick family session”.

And you remember ALL THAT TIME you had during the summer, kick yourself, dig out the Powershot, stack up a few books, stand in front of the fireplace and run back forth about 10 or 15 times to double check expressions and any unfortunate blinks in between tired, crying 2-year-olds and cranky spouses. I’m begging you. Don’t put yourself through that again this year. The holidays are NOT the time to stress about getting your family photo taken. Instead, find a photographer you like who’s style and price fit your family and budget and schedule them for a family session in mid-to-late summer or early fall.

You don’t have to have a family portrait with snow flakes or golden leaves for it to be beautiful. 

As proof, I’d like to share a few portraits I took for some of my church family earlier this spring.

IMG_8680-EditIMG_8786 IMG_8814 IMG_8680 IMG_8791
IMG_8818 IMG_8690

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The W family had their reveal last night and so now I can finally show these off - and one of these is a gorgeous 36×36” portrait above their fireplace!

modern family portrait

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