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Week 3 | Northern Refreshing

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Hey guys. 
I’m just overwhelmed with this trip. It’s been challenging and a growing process and has just been so…. blessed. I can’t imagine spending these weeks any other way. For those of you who are following this blog and our story I hope I communicate this all accurately and in an accessible way to you. Hope you find this all informative and inspiring and learn along with me and that you see these updates as a sharing, instead of a showing. I love these weekly updates and have been so pleased I’ve been able to stay consistent.

Also it occurs to me: if you are one of those people who’s always looking for someone else to follow on instagram, my feed is here. It’s updated somewhat frequently 🙂 You may even recognize a few of the images 😉

Onward. Here we go. Day 14. As stated last week, we are now in California, consistently making our way down the coast. We are in S.F. as of Sunday, and the following descriptions of the last few days will give you an update on our trip.


(But quick, first, an update on Day 13! On Tuesday, after we left the cafe, we ended up hiking a small peak in Crescent City and SAW A WHALE. He literally was showing off just for us. It was unexpected, unplanned, and totally worth the cold burning wind on our faces.)

IMG_9246IMG_9260 IMG_9265 IMG_9274

Day 14 was last Wednesday. On Wednesday we got serious about our surroundings and went for not one, but two hikes. The first was listed on a guide as Rhododendron/Brown Creek/South Fork trail. It was about a 3 mile hike, was supposed to take about 2 1/2 hours. But a miscommunication and lack of map led us to follow the Rhododendron only trail, which was about a 7 mile trail. We ended up having to turn around, fortunately we weren’t too far along. We were exhausted and tired by the end, but that didn’t dampen our stalwart spirits. We went for another 1.6 mile hike down to a beach, climbed some rocks, and spent our last night in the Redwood Forest.

IMG_9336 IMG_9325 IMG_9291
IMG_9315photo 27 photo 30 photo 29 photo 28 photo 18 photo 17 IMG_9301 IMG_9310 IMG_9291IMG_9411 IMG_9396 IMG_9405 IMG_9385 IMG_9432 IMG_9362 IMG_9357 IMG_9365 IMG_9358 IMG_9376 IMG_9350 IMG_9352 IMG_9434 IMG_9447

Day 15 we left Elk Prairie Campground mid-morning and began meandering to Santa Rosa. We took a relaxed little stop in Eureka, an under-rated little hippie town about an hour south of Crescent City. We visited Old Town Chocolates and Coffee and indulged in a few truffles, a smoothie, a bagel, and some wonderful espresso. I picked up a pair of sunglasses at a small boutique and He and I both got a new book to read for our trip – I picked up “The Sun Also Rises”.


Then we continued down to our AirBnB place in Santa Rosa, enjoying the beautiful views in the Avenue of the Giants (and stopped to drive through a tree!) and the rolling, vineyard-covered Mendocino county along Highway 101.

Day 16 We wanted to go wine tasting. We took some sound advice to avoid the larger, crowded, snooty wineries and focus on the smaller, intimate ones and get some tours.

Best advice. We did a little research in the morning and went to the lovely Artesa Winery in the early afternoon. (Dropped the under-age brother off in Sonoma first.) Enjoyed returning to the sight of streetside fruit-stands and purchased a bag of cherries to match my red dress.

We also made new German friends at the bar and shared our stories that had led us to the same spot regardless of the distance.

IMG_9476 IMG_9495 IMG_9494 IMG_9520 IMG_9492 IMG_9491 IMG_9490 IMG_9544 IMG_9546 IMG_9532 IMG_9537 IMG_9582 IMG_9586 IMG_9573
Day 17 Our Airbnb host was absolutely lovely and shared an excellent secret with us – a little secret that goes by the humble name of “Preston Family Vineyard“.

Preston was the first of 3 vineyards this day. Preston was definitely the favorite of the day, with their fresh artisan bread and olive oil straight from their own olive trees, and meandering of the secret gardens. We basked in the 90+ temps and feasted on our loaf and drank our wine and water and sat in the lawn chairs and explored the old brick ovens and met friendly bartenders and I had to prove I was over 21 almost every time and we smiled a lot and took pictures and asked questions and smiled more.

IMG_9636 IMG_9595 IMG_9598 IMG_9601 IMG_9609 IMG_9590 IMG_9588 IMG_9615photo 23 photo 22

Next on our list was Zichichi Family Vineyards, (wine tasting straight out of the barrel!) and the last was Yoakim Bridge, which was endearing for it’s small vineyard and vintage Airstreams, but the favorite was still Preston.

IMG_9625 IMG_9628

And then we hung out with my Trista friend and visited Bodega Bay and attended my first Mass and ate at Hopmonk and had olive oil ice cream. And life was good and sweet.


IMG_9700 IMG_9685 IMG_9676 IMG_9678
IMG_9647 IMG_9643 IMG_9639photo 21

Day 18 We went to church with my Trista friend and drove to San Francisco – but not before we made one more winery stop, and it is between Korbel and Preston that my affections are tied. Korbel vineyards were perhaps the most informative, with a full tour of their historical winery and then: champagne tasting.


IMG_9702 IMG_9715 IMG_9717 IMG_9710 IMG_9708 IMG_9718photo 12

Then we went to San Francisco and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (and back!) and then went to Chinatown and of course we went into the first establishment we found that sold Bubble Tea and then we went to my childhood home and had an evening in with old friends and good memories.

IMG_9731 IMG_9722 IMG_9776 IMG_9772photo 13
IMG_9765 IMG_9763 IMG_9759 IMG_9739 IMG_9736 IMG_9797 IMG_9809 IMG_9804 IMG_9818 IMG_9825 IMG_9815 IMG_9836 IMG_9834 IMG_9837 IMG_9774photo 4

Day 19 Ah. Yesterday. Yesterday is one of the days I will remember my whole life and will look back on with nothing but a breaking fondness and an exploding heart. I will only show photos instead of trying to explain. Our stops included Ocean Beach, Chinatown, and Pier 39.

photo 15photo 10 photo 8 photo 7 photo 6 IMG_9878 IMG_9861 IMG_9858 IMG_9854 IMG_9845 IMG_9865 IMG_9872 IMG_9886photo 2 IMG_9866 photo 3

Day 20 Today has been relaxing. I’m photographing our dear host family tonight (our old friends!) and have spent the morning reading my book (in bed!) grazing on fruit and flax bread and talking and now sit in a cafe with an empty coffee cup, happy stomach, and full eyes. Tonight on the menu is dancing, old friends, and mexican burritos.

Tomorrow: Homeward bound.

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  1. lizzy says:

    i have been holding my breath this whole time. there are no words complete enough for the wholeness i see in your eyes and the tangible expansion of your soul. if we were together in person, i would stare into your glowing eyes, and would join your fireworks in the sky. the words that keep sigh-singing in my mind are ‘holy’ and ‘majesty.’ california is most enticing. i’m overJOYed for you, my anna.

  2. Andrea says:

    love the closeup b&w shot with the scraggy hair and big eyes. reminds me of a kate bush album cover from the 80s.happy trails on your way back!

  3. Ben Janssen says:

    Love your updates. Looks like so much fun! We miss you but glad you are well.

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